Traffic Filtering

Feature Packed Brilliance

Siphon’s Traffic Filtering features cover all our clients from basic to the most complex configurations to make sure you never need another traffic filter again. All in one place.

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Disposal Url

Customize where you want your unwanted traffic to be directed to with an option to show a simple mantiainance message if a url isn't set.

Anonymous IP Filtering

Worried about the man behind the mask? Filter proxy and other anonymous traffic completely with our always learning and evolving database of anonymous IPs.

Target Urls

Your target url is your bread and butter page. The end destination after our RiskDecision Algorithm has made its judgment based on your rules.

Browser Targeting

Siphon is able to target specific browser types with ease. Simply check a few boxes to allow Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Opera browsers.

Connection Type

Connection types play a huge role in todays marketing strategies. Filter through residential, commercial, or mobile connection types with the click of the mouse.

Operating System Targeting

Does your product only apply to specific operating systems? We got you covered with Windows, Mac, and Linux options.

Device Targeting

Some products require a very specific device to be targeted. Wheather its desktops, tablets, or cellphones our rule sets have you covered.

Javascript Targeting

Does your landing page require the use of javascript? Filter out users with javascript disabled with the click of a button.

Mobile Targeting

Targeting mobile users has never been easier, simply select iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, or a combination of the three to begin filtering immediately.

Multiple Visit Filtering

Create exclusivity with multiple visit filtering. Simply enable this option to disallow users from visiting your landing page more then once.

Geo Targeting

Location, location, location. Our multi check geo targeting rule sets ensure the most accurate location data possible to ensure our clients strict product limitations.

Customizable Risk Score

The RiskDecision Algoithm's risk score option gives full control to our advanced users who would like to adjust how sensitive the algorithm functions

Javascript Double Check

After a judgment has been made server side, we allow the option is gain further intel via javascript to create an airtight decision before your page is viewed.

Referer Filtering

Instantly filter users with no referrer intel in the header. Ensuring your traffic is coming from your current marketing efforts and away from prying eyes.

Frustration Free Filtering Ensures Speedy Conversions

In any modern online business it's safe to say that your conversion ratios need to stay high. To help aid you in this endeavor, our servers are located all around the world, so depending on 1) the location of your server and 2) the location of your traffic, our algorithm automatically locates you and your traffic. It uses a local server to make sure the algorithm works almost instantaneously so that your traffic will not even realize it's being filtered.

Beautiful Benefits

Siphons benefit's outweigh your current filtering system, guaranteed. Scroll down to see just a few of Siphon's benefits.

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Proactive Visitor Insights

Siphon is able to provide our clients with insight into their visitors before a page is even finished loading. With these advanced metrics website owners can make business decisions to capitalize on their traffic before their servers are touched.

Self Learning Algorithm & Passive Fingerprinting

Long gone are the times of identifying visitors solely based on an IP address. Siphon uses sophisticated profiling and fingerprinting techniques to build unique identifiers for each visitor. These unique identifiers help Siphon to better understand traffic patterns, which adapt to each website’s evolving needs.

Browser Independent Platform

Siphon runs completely independent of the browser because it doesn't rely on JavaScript. This allows crucial data to be gathered without having to worry about browser interaction for a much more comprehensive and accurate fingerprint.

24/7 Managed Traffic Filtering

Siphon’s Filtering is a round the clock solution that uses more than 50 data points to both analyze and establish a unique fingerprint for every visitor so they can be tracked across numerous access methods.

Protection Against Unwanted Visitors

With Siphon’s proprietary Risk Scoring algorithm every visitor is assigned a score that is unique to them and helps to identify harmful traffic, stopping it before it ever reaches a website’s content.

Miniscule Impact on Load Times

Through a use of a globally distributed cloud network, Siphon is able to help website owners keep their load times low and performance high while not sacrificing security.

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