Malicious User Protection

What is Online Fraud?

Online fraud is everywhere. Online services are used to conduct fraudulent solicitations and transactions, and then transmit those proceeds of fraud to financial institutions. Bots are the most prominent source of online fraud, and are responsible for millions of dollars in damages each year to online companies. Siphon’s Risk Decision Algorithm protects against online fraud by blocking bots before they are able to access your content.

Are you aware that bots are also capable of making illegal purchases on your website? That’s some pretty scary stuff. ? Blocking bots at their source ensures that your clients are real people with real forms of payment. By blocking all bots and other suspicious IPs, you will minimize the amounts of payment fraud, account hijacking, and new account spam to your website

What is spam?

Spam is something everyone hates. Unwanted messages, emails, comments, and ads are all within the realm of spam. Spam is one of the largest culprits of today's bot traffic. Most spam is delivered by automation bots that scan for vulnerabilities in your system, and inject their messaging whenever and wherever they can.

How does Siphon battle Spam?

Siphon, using our Risk Decision algorithm, makes a decision whether or not a user coming to your site is in fact a real person, or another automation bot. With our vast databases of bot IP’s and our constantly learning algorithm, Siphon is able to stop bots from viewing your pages before they even load.

Beautiful Benefits

Siphons benefit's outweigh your current filtering system, guaranteed. Scroll down to see just a few of Siphon's benefits.

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Maintain Control of Your Digital Assets

Your website and digital assets belong to you, and they should stay that way! Siphon will stop content scrapers and other digital thieves from stealing your website’s content.

Keep Spammers at Bay

Make sure the only voices being heard on your website have something meaningful to say, by helping to stop automatic spam posting Siphon will ensure input that you are receiving from your visitors is real.

Prevent Security Nightmares

Maintaining your website and business is demanding enough without having to worry about the increasing amount of threats that exist online today. Siphon will help to prevent these threats from ever reaching your site, letting you have peace of mind knowing your site is protected against the most common attack vectors.

Insight into Evolving Traffic Patterns

Every website is unique and so are its visitors, which is why Siphon’s platform utilizes advanced machine learning to continually profile every client’s website traffic to help better identify abnormalities and malicious visitors.

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