Landing Page Protection

What is Landing Page Theft?

Online marketers spend millions of dollars on the research and development of their ads and landing pages that capture a user's attention, and convince them to purchase their product. Malicious bots have been known to go to these successful landing pages,copy your HTML and CSS, and then proceed to clone it to their servers, directing your hard earned traffic to themselves. Thus stealing hours of your development and potentially millions of what your sales.

How does Page Armor help?

Page protection is a simple code that you install on your landing pages. If any of your content has been stolen, we alert you immediately with the location. Additionally, all links on the stolen page will be redirected to your origin page, so you don’t miss out on any of your hard earned traffic. It's time to take control of your landing pages and secure your online presence with Page Armor.

Protect Your Landing Pages From Theft

Every website is unique and so is its content. Page Armor alerts our users when your landing code page is stolen, and redirects all losts clicks on the stolen page to your original url automatically.

Start Protecting
Your Pages Today

Page Armor rescues your landing page from theft by allowing our users to identify immediately when a landing page has been stolen. Page Armor redirects clicks on the stolen page back to your original page to mitigate loss of sales. After signing up for our services, an alert is generated in your account dashboard when one of your landing pages with page armor is stolen and in use by another party. Visitors to the stolen page will be redirected to your original page, or you can choose to replace links on the stolen page, thus recovering any lost revenue and traffic.


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